Starseed Training Classes

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Are you a STARSEED?


Do you:

  • Struggle to feel comfortable in your body?
  • Feel like the “black sheep” in your life?
  • Want to connect with your star family?
  • Want to open your multi-dimensional gifts and abilities?
  • Feel like you’re here on a mission, but you can’t remember what “it” is?
  • Want to find your soul tribe?

You are not alone anymore!


Join my STARSEED TRAINING CLASS to activate your starseed gifts. Details below!




What is a starseed?

As a starseed, you are a very special being. You have taken on a very difficult job at the soul level. As you probably know, starseeds are here to help Earth through the Ascension process and that is a huge job!

But being a starseed isn’t easy! Most starseeds share three common traits.  First, many starseeds struggle with feeling like they don’t fit in. They tend to feel like an outsider or the “black sheep” in their life. Second, starseeds tend to be highly sensitive and can struggle to feel good in their bodies. And third, many starseeds feel like they’re here on a mission, but they’re just not sure what that mission is. In fact, many starseeds find that being human is just exhausting in general. Can you relate?


How can starseed training classes help you?


So, what can you do about this? That’s where I come in. With my starseed training classes, I help you turn these struggles into superpowers. I help you activate your starseed gifts and connect with your soul mission. With a few simple tools, you can feel better in your body and begin to connect with your star family and guides.

But turning your starseed struggles into gifts takes a little guidance and practice. Unlocking your starseed gifts has two main requirements. The first step is raising your vibration. The second step is learning how to re-open your special starseed skills (ie. those hidden gifts that you brought into this lifetime).

In my starseed training class, I help you activate your unique starseed gifts. Does this sound good to you? If so, all the details are below!

What starseed training classes include:


A 12-week deep dive into connecting with your starseed gifts

Six private 1:1 sessions, 1 hour each (biweekly) held on zoom

Text and email support between sessions

Exercises to balance your sensitive starseed body and prepare to connect with your star family

Simple tools to help you re-open your multi-dimensional abilities

Access to a private meditation library just for starseeds with meditations to help you relax your mind & body

Spiritual processes to help you protect your energy and raise your vibration

Investment: $1800 – prepaid monthly ($600/mo.)

Module 1: Starseed 101

What is a starseed? Are you one?

Starseed missions, goals, and struggles

Opening your galactic communication channels

Releasing resistance from the body

Module 2: Starseed Basics

Building your starseed toolkit

Grounding for starseeds

Get to know your energy field

Mastering sacred space



Mod. 3: Starseed Tools

Energy protection for starseeds

Starseed sovereignty

Keeping other people’s energy out

Balancing your energy field


Mod. 4: Starseed Gifts

Multi-dimensional communication

Working from the heart

Getting answers from your star family and guides

Opening your non-ordinary senses

Mod. 5: Your Starseed Origin

Meeting the star races

“Tasting” galactic energy

A multi-dimensional “tour” of the galaxy


Mod. 6: Prepare for Contact

Clearing your energy field

Integration of lower energies

Goals for moving forward with your new operating system

Review and wrap up

How do I get started?


Joining the starseed training class is easy! Just click any of the buttons on this page to schedule your FREE initial consultation.

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What do my clients think?

“Words can’t begin to describe what an amazing experience it was to be guided by Peyton in her program. Peyton is so kind and compassionate and always professional. She had a way of instantly setting me at ease, holding space, and after every session I walked away not only with greater knowledge but also feeling empowered. Peyton is not only a great teacher and guide, but the tools she taught me have empowered me to step into my purpose to heal and empower others. She is making a positive impact in the world, and I can’t recommend Peyton enough!” – Viktoria Z, Virginia

“I felt guided in 2021 to uplevel my intuitive skills, learn to connect with my guides better, and felt that Peyton’s program was a good fit for me because I needed the customized help. I really enjoyed working with Peyton and her guides, which helped me to move some heavy energy patterns and shift some things I have been carrying for lifetimes. What I truly valued about the program is the personal 1:1 sessions to help bring in the tools and work on what is needed for healing. I learned alot from working with Peyton, for example, how to better set energy boundaries in my relationships. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to expand their intuition and their toolset. Peyton and her guides will help you elevate your skillset!” – Gayani W, CA

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Meet Peyton

Hey y’all! I’m Peyton. I am an intuitive, a channel, and a starseed coach. What you might not know, is that I’m also a recovering attorney. I stumbled onto the life-changing world of energy work while looking for ways to reduce work stress from my law practice.

For more than 12 years, I studied every intuitive modality I could find – from the mainstream to the mystical. I was looking for the secret to creating a joyful, exciting, and abundant life. And I found it!

Discovering energy work completely changed my life. So, I left my law practice and founded Peyton Energetics® with the goal of bringing these powerful tools to the mainstream.

My starseed training classes can help you transform your life by unlocking your divine gifts and abilities. Thank you for trusting me to guide you on your spiritual journey.


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