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What happens during an energy session?

Most people find an energy session to be a very soothing and relaxing experience. During your session, you will be seated comfortably with your eyes closed. Energy work is usually done with the eyes closed to help you tune out the distractions of the outside world and focus inward. The goal is to help you get out of your monkey mind and into the stillness of your heart.

While you are relaxed and focused inward, I will take you through a series of guided meditations, processes, tools and exercises to help you connect with your inner wisdom and release what no longer serves you. I find that teaching the tools through a meditation lets you experience your new tools with all of your senses – even your non-ordinary ones!

Most people feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed by the end of their session.

What results can I expect from my program?

This is totally up to you! Energy work is personal growth work. I can (and will) teach you what I believe are the most effective and cutting edge spiritual and intuitive tools available today, but no tool works unless it is used. Energy work is like a gym membership – it only works if you do. If you use your tools regularly, it is possible to make radical and rapid change in every area of your life.

How do I prepare for a session?

I suggest that you dress comfortably for your session. It is helpful to drink plenty of pure, filtered water before, during and after your session. Please refrain from consuming alcohol prior to your session. Alcohol and energy work do not mix!

I encourage you to bring a notebook or journal with you to your session so that you can take notes on what you have learned and any insights that come up.

Recording of sessions is not permitted.

Can my kids sit in on my session?

No. Children are not permitted during sessions. This is YOUR time, and all focus should be on you. Quiet pets are fine if they do not distract you.

About Energy Work

What is energy work?

Energy work is an umbrella term that covers many different techniques that help you feel better, connect with your intution, and create (or manifest) what you want to have in your life. Energy work includes everything from meditation to healing practics (like reiki and acupuncture) to more exotic things like channeling and psychic development.

The main idea behind most forms of energy work is the understanding that everything is energy and that by learning to control your energy (often called your vibration) not only do you feel better, but you can create anything you desire in your life – from better health to a fatter bank account.



Will this work for me?

Energy work can benefit everyone! Energy work is all about teaching you how to feel calmer and more relaxed so that you can connect with your intuition more effectively. 


I'm sensitive and empathic, can energy work help me handle my sensitivity?

Yes!! Energy work is (I believe) the MOST important thing any sensitive or empath can learn. Sensitives and empaths are usually extremely gifted at reading and sensing energies that are invisible to most people. If you are extremely sensitive but don’t know how to control your sensitivity, it can be a very painful and distressing experience. But energy work can help you turn your sensitivity into your superpower!

Energy work will teach you how to control your energy, block the energy of other people that you would usually absorb, and protect yourself from being drained by other people. These tools were game-changers for me in learning to control my own hyper-sensitivity.

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