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Hey y’all! I’m Peyton. I am an intuitive, a channel, and a starseed teacher. And, in case you didn’t know, I’m also a recovering attorney. I discovered the life-changing world of energy work while on the prowl for ways to reduce work stress from my law practice. After practicing energy work for only a few months, my life started to transform before my eyes.

You see, ever since I was a small child, I have always been extremely sensitive to the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the people around me. I knew when people were lying or saying something they didn’t mean. I knew when they were sick or upset or hiding something. But worst of all, I felt and absorbed the negative energy of others like a sponge floating in a dirty sink. I didn’t realize that I was highly empathic and hyper-sensitive to energy – or that those were even things you could be – so I assumed that my sensitivity was just my cross to bear.

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What is energy work?


For reasons I still can’t explain to this day, I was drawn to the adversarial field of law, where I spent over a decade handling environmental crimes litigation. Needless to say, this was quite possibly the worst career choice I could have made as an empath. My energy was under a near-constant assault all day, every day. It became clear to me, as time ticked by, that I needed to find a way to reduce work stress and find balance to avoid burning out.

It was this mission to reduce work stress that led me to energy work. Starting with meditation and martial arts, I learned that everything is energy, energy can be consciously controlled, and our energy – our vibration – creates our entire life experience.  As I devoted myself to my new practices, everything in my life started to transform around me. It was like a magic wand was being waved over my life. I was hooked.

Never one for moderation, I dove into my new practice and studied every modality I could find. Along the way, I earned a black belt in karate, studied meditation with Buddhist monks, and earned certifications in multiple energy healing and reading practices including Usui reiki, Akashic healing, mediumship, clairvoyance, and more.

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Helping lightworkers transform their lives


Seeing how radically these practices changed my life, I left my law practice and founded Peyton Energetics® with the goal of bringing these powerful tools to the mainstream.

As a starseed teacher, my 1:1 mentoring classes help lightworkers and starseeds connect with their intuitive gifts, discover their soul mission, and transform their lives from the inside out. With a few simple tools, you can make radical changes in any area of your life – or all of them!

Thank you for trusting me to guide you on your awakening journey. Click the link below to work with me!

Want to unlock your soul’s gifts?


If you’re ready to connect with your soul purpose and discover your unique intuitive gifts, join one of my classes! I teach starseeds and lightworkers simple tools that help you balance your life, calm your body, and connect with your inner wisdom. It’s my goal to help make your spiritual journey easier. Click the link below for the details on my classes.



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