Lightworker Training Classes

Advanced Ascension Tools for Lightworkers & Starseeds

My Lightworker Training Class is designed to provide the highest level of spiritual training to advanced lightworkers and starseeds.  If you’ve been on your spiritual path for a while and have already mastered the basics, then this class is for you!

The Lightworker Training Class is for people who want to do the truly deep work to shift their consciousness. It is chock full of advanced Ascension tools to help you become a master of your frequency and vibration. Because, as you know, your frequency is EVERYTHING. Join me and get your spiritual black belt!

Multi-colored pile of crystals used in lightworker training classes with Peyton Energetics

Is Lightworker Training right for you?


 This class will help you:


  • Activate your 5D operating system – now!
  • Neutralize your triggers once and for all
  • Be a MASTER of your vibration at all times
  • Open your multi-dimensional gifts 
  • Unplug from the 3D matrix
  • Connect with the higher realms and dimensions at will

What the Lightworker Training includes:


A deep dive into the most advanced spiritual practices available to help you navigate the Ascension process with ease, grace and joy

12 weeks of cutting edge spiritual & Ascension training, tools & support

6 private 1:1 sessions, 1 hour each (biweekly), held on zoom

Advanced Ascension tools to help you activate your 5D operating system

Simple techniques to help you break out of your 3D programming and clear your most stubborn energy patterns

Exclusive access to a private meditation library created just for lightworkers

Spiritual tools for unlocking your multi-dimensional gifts and abilities

Investment: $2100 – prepaid monthly ($700/mo.)

Lightworker Training Modules

Module 1: Your 5D Operating System

Overview of the Ascension process

Operating from 3D vs 5D

Activating your 5D operating system

Neutralizing negative energy

Module 2: Frequency Mastery

Identifying your frequency

Setting a new frequency on demand

Creating in 5D energies

Learning to sense frequency

Opening your non-ordinary senses


Module 3: Advanced Energy Clearing

Clearing dense and negative energy

Neutralizing your triggers

Changing your narrative

Releasing stale conditioning, limiting beliefs and 3D programming

Module 4: Shifting timelines and alternate realities

The changing concept of time

Exploring alternate realities

Meeting your future self

The multi-dimensional you

Releasing resistance

Module 5: Integrating the shadow

Integrating polarity

The shadow self

Releasing judgment

Cultivating neutrality

Owning your baggage

Module 6: Unlocking your healing power

Directing frequency

The consciousness web

Healing the collective

Moving forward with your new operating system

How do I get started?


It’s easy to join the Lightworker Training Class. Just click any of the buttons on this page to schedule your FREE consultation.

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